She was born in Aydin Bozdogan in 1960. She completed her high school education as a government supported boarder student at Denizli Teachers' School. Next, she received her medical education at Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University, specialization training in Anadolu University in Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department and subspecialty training in Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Clinical Immunology Department, respectively.
The high school period led her to the idea of supporting girls for their education. For this purpose, she founded BUHASDER (Bulasici Hastaliklari Onleme Dernegi – Infectious Diseases Prevention Association) with her friends in the year of 2008.
As a fundamental mission of BUHASDER, it has aimed both the fight against infectious diseases and the education of girls. With received TUBITAK project support during the COVID-19 period, online sustainable and dynamic training activities for various professional groups were structured. In the same period, she spent all the income of the book titled “Dunyayi Degiştiren Elli Alti Kadin - Nobel Odullu Kadinlarin Hikayesi” (Fifty-Six Women Who Changed the World - The Story of Nobel Prize Winners), which she edited, for girls.
Dr. Sukran Kose has 139 international articles, 131 national articles, 10 international oral presentations, 544 national and international poster presentations (38 of which are oral), and editorship and chapter authorship in 20 books.