Dr. Joe Ravetz

Co-Director of Centre for Urban Resilience & Energy at Manchester University School of Environment, Education & Development Manchester University

Joe Ravetz is Leader on Future-Wise Cities for the Manchester Urban Institute. He has worked on sustainable cities, climate / environmental policy, economic development and urban foresight / systems analysis as Co-Director of the Centre for Urban Resilience. From this came the Synergistics methods for ‘collective urban intelligence’, and the mapping and design of transformative pathways. He is author of ‘City-Region 2020’, ‘Environment and City’, and the new Deeper-City-Collective-Intelligence-and-the-Pathways-from-Smart-to-Wise.   He has advised policy (UNIDO, UN-Habitat, DG Regio, EU Parliament, UK government agencies) and business, as a Principal of SAMI Consulting.  He is also an advocate and practitioner of creative visual thinking, in foresight and similar methods for transformative potential. Joe has now set up the  Collaboratorium for collective intelligence, a global online community, working to develop and test selected pathways ‘from smart to wise’.

Key links:

New book: Deeper-City-Collective-Intelligence-and-the-Pathways-from-Smart-to-Wise

General site: www.manchester.ac.uk/synergistics/

Events program:  www.manchester.ac.uk/synergistics/conversations/

Personal / creative site: www.urban3.net