Infectious Diseases Prevention Association (BUHASDER) is a non-governmental organization that carries out preventive and preventive activities for the prevention of common infectious diseases in the society, and conducts community screenings for different infectious diseases and training activities.
BUHASDER's activities include theater and hygiene education in primary schools; trainings on sexual health and ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections in high schools and universities; conferences organized with non-governmental organizations especially for the education of women and informing various occupational groups at risk, information about infectious diseases from villages to cities, teaching ways to prevent infectious diseases and health screening.
The "Let's Recognize Microbes, Protect Our Health" project is one of the important projects completed by BUHASDER. The project was carried out in boarding district primary schools around Izmir with the support of TUBITAK, the Ministry of Education and the local municipalities. The association contributed to the realization of 32 projects in total by participating in TUBITAK and other national and international multi-center projects as a coordinator or partner. BUHASDER has organized numerous scientific courses targeting different groups, including 9 congresses/symposiums, 2 workshops, 6 national/international multidisciplinary meetings, 5 statistics and 5 HIV courses. In addition, scientific books in various fields were made available to health professionals and the public. Finally, a book called "Dunyayi Degiştiren Elli Alti Kadin - Nobel Odullu Kadinlarin Hikayesi” (Fifty-Six Women Who Changed the World - The Story of Nobel Prize Winners), whose income will be spent on the education of girls, was published in 2021. During the realization of these activities, it cooperates with the relevant professional chambers, local administrations, health directorates and municipalities.
Within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1001 project taken in 2020 entitled “Preparing a Training Set for Different Segments of the Society for the Reduction/Prevention of the Spread of the Disease During and After the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic” was successfully completed and a dynamic training platform for almost all occupational groups has been created by our people and put into service using a dynamic web page. 
The International Pandemic Conference, which is planned to be held in Izmir, is a meeting in line with the main objectives of BUHASDER. At this conference, how we should fight a pandemic that occurs once in 100 years in a world of modern medicine, how different segments of society, especially disadvantaged groups, and different age groups are affected physically/socially and spiritually, and by what methods these can be overcome, importance of preventive medicine and multidisciplinary studies, how individual behavior can affect society as a whole, what it's like to be the normal will be discussed.
It should not be forgotten that the lessons we will learn from the Covid-19 pandemic are also very important, as probably there may be similar epidemics in the coming years.
Prevention is always better than cure.